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August 30, 2016
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97/2016A too well towel..!In the rainy season the drying of cloths is a big problem. It's a very common thing in every household. The home becomes a laundry house. The lady of the house is always worried to bit the problem. Too many cloths capturing almost all the places like the hanging rods, the additional ropes from one end to the other, the side bars of staircase, the tables and chairs, teapoy, the door corners, cupboards, the windows.....and still any thing left we wave with hand and dry it. The fans aRead More

August 26, 2016
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96/2016Autograph please....!These days I am reading a memorise of a famous writer. Being a columnist she was known to everyone in the world of books. A publisher contacted her and pressed her to write a novel based on her long stay in the city. She expressed her inability in this form of writing, but the officer insisted her to write. Finally she took it seriously and the final product reached to it's release venue. She was experiencing it for the first time. In these functions the writer has to honour theRead More

August 16, 2016
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95/2016Can I enrol....!It was an Independence Day morning with full of energy. She took us her school. As soon as we entered the classroom, the students wished us' A happy Independence Day, uncle.'The mini school with full natural light pouring through the glass windows. Nicely arranged the desk and teaching place near the board. Two more classrooms just attaching each other with no walls or partition. Nearly hundred and fifty students were tutored. I remember the the book ' My country school ' a one teacheRead More

August 12, 2016
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94/2016No gifts please...!' Sir, I am not feeling well. Tomorrow morning I will finish it.'An electrician labour left the work half done. He could not fix the hook for the photo in our home temple. I asked the contractor to give me a nice pleasant photograph of Swamijee. Every year he distributes the invitation cards of the event in the month of Sravana. The card is having a beautiful picture of Swamijee. We put the card photograph in our home temple. But I never asked him such photograph. Only Swamijee knoRead More

August 05, 2016
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वेदना.वेदना शेअर,करता आली तरकुणीच दुखी,राहिलं नसतंजखम सहज,आली असती भरून.Read More

August 04, 2016
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92/2016Aur ek Piku....!Those 10 minutes were very crucial to both of us. It was Amavasya (Full dark night).Finally we succeeded in the mission to rescue her. It's a common story you might have been experienced. A lesson we learnt from it that if you think your selves that it wouldn't happen then it wouldn't happen. The end is happier one. I would like to share the story of my mother.Yesterday night as usual we were watching the TV and a loud calling sound frightened to me and my wife. We rushed to the spotRead More


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