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September 24, 2016
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104/2016' Ismile...to .E smile Please...! 'I was brushing teeth looking at the mirror image. Before putting on the basin light, the picture was different than in the actual light. I recalled the Buddha statue in Ajintha Caves. The various moods of great Buddha were exhibited by focusing the light from a distance. Then I tried my own images in different power of light, the natural and the artificial one. I realised the maturity and immaturity in me while adjusting the light. I opened the window on my right sRead More

September 17, 2016
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103/2016Is it a world record ?Akka ( 106 years running ) surpassed her record. I don't know other records if any ? I salute these operated persons at old age. It's a challenge to the doctor and patient and their relatives too. May God keep all of them fit and fresh.Back to her sprightly self, the hip replacement patient aged... 104!Widow Edith Varley, who lost her husband Arthur in 1997 aged 90, was conscious throughout the one-hour operation which took place at Leicester General Hospital.DAILYMAIL.CO.UKAshRead More

September 15, 2016
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102/2016Akka is back to home....!After a twelve days first time hospitalisation in her longest span of 105 years Akka returned to home in the evening. The procession of Ganapati immersion with drum beats and energy of the people crossed on the way to home. She was getting the blessings for her good health from Ganesha. During the stay of lord she never had the Darshana but today He met on her several times. It's his grace she fought against the sudden accident bravely.All the stitches were removed. It waRead More

September 13, 2016
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101/2016She is getting well...!Last Tuesday the patient was on the operation table. There was an excitement as well as tension to the doctors and the relatives. Today, the fine Tuesday the picture is different. In a weeks period all things are normal to 106 years old patient. Last Tuesday she under the influence of anaesthesia when she was shifted to a room. She was calm and quiet the whole day till next morning.Wednesday she was little unrest due to pains at the operated body part. She realised the inabilRead More

September 07, 2016
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100/2016The Hundredth Blog....!This 100th blog is dedicated to my mother. Before writing about the feelings at this stage I would like to share about Wednesday health report of dear Akka, my mother.It was fine Wednesday morning. In the morning the dose anaesthesia nullified. She opened the eyes yawning as usual. She put both the palms together and rubbed and opened to see them. Here she recited the verse 'Karagre Vasate Laxmi' with small lip movements. Being a very long time in rest she did not have the theRead More

September 06, 2016
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99/2016Six days heaven is better six years hell...!Friends, Since Sunday 12 noon everything changed. Our Ganapati festive happiness turned in to worries and tensions. Since the beginning of Sawan, in the July end my mother was shifted to my room one the first floor. The story I had already narrated in earlier post. Which I don't want to repeat here. It was 12 noon she was about to ready for lunch. I arranged the table. As every day practice she went to wash her hands at her own. She never required any suppoRead More

September 03, 2016
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98/2016To ' Sir ' With Love..!I uttered this beautiful word When entered the high school in the 8th standard. Initially we were not comfortable with it. But later 'Ek angrejapan aa gaya ' (an English man style we adopted). In the school village primary school we used to call the teacher as 'Guruji' (Teacher). But in the house my father and brothers used to ask me' Aaj Mastarani kay sikavalay' ( What the teacher has taught today).And here the entry of word 'Master' confused me. In those days none of the studRead More


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