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April 28, 2016
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आस्मान की सुलतान ..?संकट आस्मानी,की सुलतानी ?संकट हे संकटच असतं.भोग ज्याचा त्यालाच,भोगावा नाही का लागत?राजा काय नि प्रजा काय,Read More

April 26, 2016
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57/2016My book on Amitabh....!It's great pleasure to share a news about my new book ' Amitabh,Me and 30 Seconds ' A revised edition of earlier book. New chapters have been added like ' A hidden Amitabh ' where in I had narrated my story of ......... You read this chapter based on my few hours struggle in Cinema Industry....Every one of us might have dreamt this Mayanagari....My dream of cinema, cartoonist was washed away....But Facebook ignited the spark in me of writing skill. I never written any thing tilRead More

April 18, 2016
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56/2016Akka Today....!These are the glimpses of Akka today morning. She is reading news paper to update herself as of today. In the natural light through window, leaving right leg free on the carpet, with the help of lens she is reading the front page. Her style of reading is unique. First she reads all the head lines and one by one. And thereafter she reads the detailed news as per it's importance applicable to a common man.At the age of 106 she is sparing her time in news reading. If she is not satisfiedRead More

April 15, 2016
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54/2016Fan.....!An electric device or Japanese paper fan  to cool you, We got ourselves cool and throw away the paper fan. The other meaning of fan is admirer of your talent, art or magic he loves you whole heartedly but when a craze starts diminishing the same fan discards you. He throws away the love about you. And that is a very tragic part of it.  It remains till the glamour or glow exist. There are exceptions to it and the reason is obvious the artist is very much honest with the smallest of small fan.Read More

April 12, 2016
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परत न येण्या कायमचा...!देवापुढे तेवणारा तो दिवा पुरेसा.पाहताच त्याला मिळे दिलासा.मंद, शांत ज्योतीच्या प्रकाशात,सारंच कसं सामावलेलं असतं.पण..

April 11, 2016
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51/2016AKKA.....AKKA is NOt OUT 105 today.She is entering her 106 th year. Born in Kamatnur (Dist Belgaum) on 11 th April 1911. She is the witness of a changing century, changing millennium....She had seen the British Raj... Neharu.. Gandhi Raj and the present dashing Modi Raj.....She had attended the Belgaum Congress with her uncle an executive and influential famous personality in those days. She remembers the making of site for the Congress conference held under the leadership of Mahatmajee. How number oRead More

April 10, 2016
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जे पावसाला कळलं......!आणि मग, पावसाला सुरुवात झाली.रडणाऱ्या पावसाची समजूत काढली,ढगांनी आणि बिजालीताईनी.गोष्टी सांगून, नाच करूRead More

April 08, 2016
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पावसा पड की रं. झाम, झाम...!पावसा पड की रं.झाम, झाम.धुवून काढ सारा घाम.का परीक्षा घेतोयस.तो सुर्व्या भाजतोय.भरताच्या वान्ग्यावानं.

April 07, 2016
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उद्याचा सचिनही वाचेल..!खेळ तुमचा होतो,जीव आमचा जातो.तुम्हीच सांगा आम्ही,

April 05, 2016
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46/2016पोरांनो , कशापाय भांडताय?पोरांनो , कशापाय भांडताय?सर्वांचीच तर मी आय हाय.आय तशीच मां, अम्मा हाय.मॉम, मदर, माता बी हाय,तुझी हाय तसच त्याची बी हाय.मग भांडताय रं कशापाय?पोरांनो , कशापाय भांडताय?तुमी माझीच लेकरं हाय.माझ्याच दुधावर वाढलाय.अंगा खांद्यावर खेळलाय.थकल्यावर, माझ्याच कुशीत बी झोपलाय.नजर लागाय नको म्हणून,काळ दोरं, तिट लावलाय. तुम्हाला झालाय तरी काय?पोरांनो , कशापाय भांडताय?आज पाण्याचा वानवा झालाय,वरण भात महाग झालाय.काळ्या मातीला माया लावणारा,जीव ध्याया लागलाय.महागाईनं होरपळ झालीय.रडायला बी डोळ्यRead More

April 05, 2016
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पोरांनो , कशापाय भांडताय?पोरांनो , कशापाय भांडताय?सर्वांचीच तर मी आय हाय.आय तशीच मां, अम्मा हाय.मॉम, मदर, माता बी हाय,Read More

April 01, 2016
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45/2016Raga Yaman.......' Ni Re Ga.../ Re Ma...Dh Ni Sa......Sa Ni Dh Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.....'He kept the Harmonium on the back seat of the car. They both occupied the side space. She could not controll the tears as she put her right hand on the instrument. Doors closed and the driver pushed the car ahead. Within seconds it took speed and her left hand bangles sounded from the window. The car disappeared in the dust and I went in the flash back.It was a small coastal green village surrounded with trees and shruRead More


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