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April 27, 2017
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32/2017An evening with Irani Tea....!Yesterday evening our group of friends met at an unusual place. It was recently opened cafe. The tag line attracted  my attention. Irani Tea. I detached from this flavour almost half a century. 1967, the year when I tasted it. After completing college admission my elder brother took me a restaurant. Being a villager I never entered such a big hotel, where the furniture look was little different. The wall mounted wooden cupboards, plus life size huge mirrors, the typicalRead More

April 24, 2017
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मित्रांनो, LION सिनेमा पाहीला सुन्न झालो. असं घडू शकतं? Saru Brierley चं पुसतक वाचलं नसल्याची खंत होती.त्याच्या सर्व मुलाखती व फिल्म पाहिल्या. डोक्यातनं सरू काही जायला तयार नव्हता. पूजा करता करता कृष्णानं पुराणात नेलं आणि ही कविता तयार झाली. ही कवीता त्या हरवलेल्या बालकांना समर्पित. अशीच एक यशोदा त्यांना मिळो.अशोक देवकी यशोदा....!सरूची गोष्टच वेगळी,त्याला ती आई मिळाली.कृष्णाच्या देवकी सारखीजन्म दिला नि दूर झाली.कायमची.तो गायब झाला,Read More

April 22, 2017
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30/2017असाही एक बुध्द.....!राग येतो,Read More

April 20, 2017
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29/2017Ravindra, the Sun....!It was 1983. A Laughter Conference devoted for the cartoonist was organized behind Rankala lake. A person in white shirt tucked in black or brown pant. The sleeves were folded up to elbows. He was eldest volunteer actively involved on the stage to arrange the drawing board, to change the paper for newer creation, the carbon chalk or pencils and colours and brushes as required. And one more thing he had to do the adjustment of mike with a ribbon around the artist’s neck to ease hRead More

April 17, 2017
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28/2017व्हेंटीलैटर......!मौत के सायेमें,<span class="text_exposed_Read More

April 15, 2017
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फुलासारखं.....! जीवन असं जगा,Read More

April 06, 2017
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26/2017एक्झीट.....!मरण कसं यावं?Read More

April 06, 2017
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25/2017Dadasaheb….An Angel…! (Part- 2)He put cupped palm full of coconut oil on my back. I realized the smooth fingers were massaging the spinal cord without any pressure but with love. Today the rough and tough rubbing was missing. Today it was the 20th day of the hectic physiotherapy leaving the single day to verify the results after some gap. Till then the oil to be applied at back with tender touch. My wife’s work is little increased. I must thank her for bearing the hectic schedule. All the oily carpetRead More


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