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June 28, 2016
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कविता अशी नि तशी...!मित्र रस्त्यात भेटला.वॉट्सअप ऑन केला.कविता वाचू लागला.प्रत्येक भाव शब्द, मला भिजवून गेला.ते पाहून पावसाRead More

June 26, 2016
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84/2016Trolley....!It's a very common thing in malls, airport and of course in kitchen. But this item becomes a matter of debate I never had any idea. But many of us have been experienced it while renovating your kitchen or purchasing a new house property the ladies are very attentive in this favourite area. And it is designed according to their requirements and easy to handle. But my experience is very late to face the number of questions and problems but fewer solutions on trolley.‘No trolleys! No packedRead More

June 24, 2016
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83/2016Kalyan sabaka....!A new teacher in grey coat, button less white shirt, white dhoti and the turned horizontal white cap and the round spectacles and the big searching eyes behind the glasses entered the class following the head master. The class became mum. The head master introduced him.' A new teacher from a small village school, will look after you and your 6th standard. Just follow him. He will make you laugh, cry, sing, dance and many more things. Don't look at his cap.'He realised the situationRead More

June 23, 2016
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82/2016Aaj sankashti.....!The bus took a turn and I was frightened by the unending blue water touching the horizon. The Arabian sea view before reaching Ganapatipule the holy place was just amazing a awesome. It was the last day of January 1975 I touched the beautiful green and clean Konkan and the next five complete years till the last day of December 1979. Thereafter I never visited this place. The change I haven't seen till today. Now it's a fully developed tourist destiny. Devotees from all parts of theRead More

June 17, 2016
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81/2016World Of Silence...!I was searching new arrival of books on a website. Especially I am interested in biographies, the non fiction, the struggles, the successful persons thrashing all odds, the entrepreneurs, travelling and so on. In short I like the reality stories. The book and the writer referred here is the renowned personality. But more than all this I talked to her. While searching at one place the name caught my attention for two reasons. The title and the writer. I did read several times her nRead More

June 16, 2016
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80/2016Books...!It's June. The showering begins. The schools open. The typical fragrance of new book, I hope none of us forgets it. It was a mix of new paper, the adhesive, the printing colours, the thread used for binding. Number of memories was bound with this pleasant June like a book. Open it and enjoy every page of the past.In the near future the books and this aroma will be a history. The electronic books are knocking at the door. Your Google Guru is the treasure of all the information. This silent GuRead More

June 12, 2016
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79/2016The shops I remember....!Yesterday, my good friend from Indore posted the photographs of our old coins. I had seen all of them in my childhood. I was tempted to share a story related to them. The independent marketing experience in childhood was amazing. It was just like a practical test of our mathematical and general knowledge. The memories are as fresh as of today. But to remember the happenings in mall of today is washed away in the evening. The magic of marketing is fading out as you get older.Read More

June 09, 2016
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पावसा...!तू आलास,धो धो बरसलास,साऱ्यांना न्हाऊ घातलंस,थकलेल्या चातकांना,आनंदी केलंस,बा पावसा,असाच कोसळत रहा.


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