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March 25, 2017
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24/2017Dadasaheb….An Angel…! (Part- 1)‘Meet Mr. Dadasaheb.’ My friend dragged me to the Yoga and physiotherapy centre and introduced me a person in the chair. But I was confused by his name, physic and look. Initially I was under impression of big strongly built and influential personality. Here he was a small, sticky slim and little unmatched guy to this name. The bespectacled and shirt in tucked in blue jinn pant. The reason to meet him was known to him. He observed my limping entry in the hall through hiRead More

March 14, 2017
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व्हेंटिलेटर....!शेवटच्या घटका मोजणाऱ्या.Read More

March 13, 2017
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आज होळी आहे....!Read More

March 12, 2017
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21/2017The best thing you have…..!No home is always a sweet home. The sour or ‘Khatta mithha’ ho to..! The sweetness is naturally enhanced. To which me and my family is not an exception. We too have several debating fights on ‘n’ number of issues. The best part of it the forgetting nature or the gift of short memory to each individual. Yesterday evening we attended a matrimonial conference and the opening of an office of marriage bureau in the city. But we did have any solution on our problem. The fight strRead More

March 09, 2017
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20/2017Ola….!Once it was luxury restricted to elite class. Others have no other option than to rely upon public transport or rickshaw. There is a considerable number of rises in vehicles affecting the traffic. Every house has at least one of these two or four wheelers. In recent decade everything has been changed. The life style, human behavior or to remain the current of society; these are some examples. The crowded streets and parking lots also are inadequate to beat the crisis. One more aspect of upgradiRead More

March 08, 2017
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19/2017An eventful city….!It’s our habit to read about Bangaluru Events of that day before going through the news and happenings in the city. Since November we were coming here and this was the third time. After the God’s Own Country, Kerala we were enjoying the literature festival of this year. The leading news paper company takes effort to arrange it systematically and in time every year. Here you have a chance to meet and dialogue with your favorite authors and celebrities in other fields like fashion, mRead More

March 06, 2017
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18/2017Where dreams are sold….!The bus was carrying excited passengers to enter the dream world. Every one of us somewhere or other way imagines this false world. The guide of the tour was also an aspirant to become a hero on the screen. He was a smart Punjabee handsome guy but did not get to reach that level of a star. Some young tourists were carrying this dream while entering the film city.Yes friends, today I am exploring my feelings till I exited from its gate. Last week I had an opportunity to visit tRead More

March 05, 2017
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17/2016Colourful Kathakali and Kerala….!It was 12 midnight. We were on the deserted streets of Arnakulam in search of a hotel. The distance is about 38 KM from Kochi airport. The hotel we booked on line was not of the mark and the only immediate vehicle available was an auto. We asked him about a restaurant or eatery to energies with little food. Almost all of them were closed at 10 pm. The autowala was generous host of that night street. We packed with rice and Sāmbhar. Finally we got the hotel. Next morniRead More

March 03, 2017
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16/2017An emotional meeting…!It was an end point of my month long journey on NH4. Mumbai, a city of dreams, changing one’s life and destiny and today I happened to meet him after four plus decades. A 16 year old naughty boy to a matured 61 plus matured personality was in front of me. He being a renowned doctor I was little doubtful about his response to this meeting. In busy schedule how far he was going to spare few seconds for me? Luckily I talked to his younger brother and paved the root to meet this forRead More


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