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July 31, 2016
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91/2016Lantern, a magic lamp...!Today morning I woke up little early. I could not sleep again. I opened the Facebook and found a lovely post of a person holding an old lantern. It recalled me number of things related to this magic lamp. I liked it and wrote a comment and closed the site and went for swimming. The topic of lantern was it was burning in the mind in the cold water tank. Once again I opened the post someone liked my comment and the red indicator of notification started blinking. To my surpriseRead More

July 30, 2016
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आनंदही देईल...!मनात विचार डोकावताच,पॉसिटीव्ह, निगेटिव्हचं,द्वंदव सुरु होतं,अस्वस्थ करून जातं.पण होतं काय,विचार कसा आला?

July 24, 2016
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कसं समजतं?तुझं बोलणं,मला शांत करून जातं,माझं शांत राहणं,तुला बोलकं करून जातं.तुझं हसणं,मला गंभीर करून जातं.माझं गंभीर असणं,तुला हसतं ठेवतं.तुझं पाहणं,मला विचार करायला लावतं,माझं विचार मग्न होणं,तुला पहात ठेवतं.Read More

July 21, 2016
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88/2016Gahraka Khana...!'Sir, coming Saturday Sankshti..'She reminded me while leaving her eatery street stall with pack of hot and tasty Sabudana Vada (a fried sago item, usually made on fast day).Almost every Thursday morning I hardly missed to visit her stall. Her preparation is no doubt mouthwatering. Usually I used to take the the Sabudana Khichadi in her neighbouring stall but one fine morning the frying item in the hot oil attracted my attention. The tempting fragrance forced me to purchase it. But IRead More

July 18, 2016
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अशीच पावसाची सर....!अशीच पावसाची सर,जागवते सय ती धूसर.त्या ओल्या आठवणी,दडलेल्या खोल मनी,घायाळ करणाऱ्या क्षणी,त्यांचं&nRead More

July 11, 2016
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काय कोसळायचं ते, कोसळ एकदा.म्हणून म्हणतो,Read More

July 06, 2016
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85/2016Sukh Mhanaje Nakki Kay Aste...!( What is happiness Exactly)Since Saturday evening I was out of Kolhapur. I missed all of you and Facebook. I would like to share three moments of happiness in reverse way. Today I was literally showered by your best wishes of my Birth Day, a school birth day which will remain with me to the last day. You find 'N' number of birthdays in the month of June, the month of school admission. The column in news paper titling - 'Today's Birth days.'Yesterday, rainy evening in PRead More


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